Benjamin Cohen

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Boston University, 2013

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Cornell University, 2016



Ben is a 3rd year PhD student developing techniques to generate tissue engineered auricular (ear) cartilage. His research focuses on utilizing stem cell-chondrocyte combinations and application of hypoxia (low oxygen) environments to improve the quality and efficiency of engineered ear cartilage. He has also worked on injection molding of high-density collagen in the shape of a pediatric ear, and is now transitioning this work to 3-D bioprinting to achieve clinically viable generation of ears with optimal morphologies.


Ben is from Niskayuna, NY and did his undergraduate work at Boston University in Biomedical Engineering, where he also played Ultimate Frisbee and worked in audio/video technologies. He enjoys playing guitar and softball, and is an avid New York sports fan (Go Yankees!). He is an active member of the BME community and is a past President of the Cornell Biomedical Engineering Society chapter, and he is also co-president of the Cornell Jewish Graduate Student Association. Ben previously volunteered at the Ithaca Sciencenter and works with a LEGO Robotics afterschool program for Ithaca Elementary Schools.


Cohen, B.P., Hooper, R.C., Puetzer, J., Nordberg, R., Asanbe, O., Hernandez, K.A., Spector, J.A., Bonassar, L.J. “Long Term Morphological and Microarchitectural Stability of Tissue Engineered, Patient-Specific Auricles In VivoTissue Engineering (2016)


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