Steven Ayala

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering,
The College of New Jersey University, 2017



Steven is a 1st year PhD student interested broadly in soft tissue biomechanics and tissue engineering.

Poster Presentations

Binaco, PJ, Ayala, S, Howe, D, Pecaut, MJ, Nishiyama, NC, Mao, XW, Rodriquez, D, Kwok, A, Bateman, TA, Chapes, SK, Willey, JS, Lau, AG (2016) Effects of Low Dose Radiation and Tetanus Toxoid on the Strength of Bone. (Poster Presentation Accepted, #2959) Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting.


Steven is from Keyport, NJ and did his undergraduate work at The College of New Jersey in Biomedical Engineering. At TCNJ, Steven was involved in multiple organizations including BMES, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, TCNJ Office of Admissions, and TCNJ Residential Education. Steven enjoys amateur boxing, Olympic weightlifting, playing sports, and attending music concerts and festivals.

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