Members of the Bonassar group attend TERMIS conference in Boston

Members of the Bonassar Lab and collaborators are presenting 6 scientific papers at the 2015 meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society from September 8-11 in Boston, MA.  Mary Clare McCorry is delivering a talk on her work engineering the meniscus-to-bone interface.  Jorge-Mojica Santiago is presenting a poster on his work evaluating tissue engineered intervertebral discs in a canine model.  Brandon Borde is presenting a poster on his work using injectable collagen gels to deliver cells for repair of the annulus fibrosus. Ben Cohen is presenting a poster on his work using combinations of human ear chondrocytes and stem cells to make shaped ear cartilage.  Dr. Michelle Delco, a student from the Fortier group, is presenting two papers developing and characterizing equine models of joint injury to study articular cartilage repair.
Congratulations to all for their great work!

Alexander Jacob Boys