Mary Clare McCorry Publishes an Article in the Journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy

Mary Clare McCorry has published an article in Stem Cell Research & Therapy

Characterization of mesenchymal stem cells and fibrochondrocytes in three-dimensional co-culture: analysis of cell shape, matrix production, and mechanical performance

For a cell seeded tissue engineered meniscus to be successful, a clinically available cell source must be established and tested. In this paper, we investigate mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in both mono- and co-culture with primary meniscal fibrochondrocytes (FCCs). We showed that MSCs increased matrix production and mechanical properties. MSCs alone did show signs of hypertrophy, however this effect is mitigated by co-culture with FCCs. These findings support that MSCs can adopt the FCC phenotype in 3D culture and be used as a viable cell source for tissue engineering menisci.

Alexander Jacob Boys