Jenny Puetzer's research featured on the cover of Tissue Engineering

The cover of July 2016 issue of Tissue Engineering Part A features an image from work recently published by Bonassar lab alum Dr. Jenny Puetzer. The paper entitled “Physiologically Distributed Loading Patterns Drive the Formation of Zonally Organized Collagen Structures in Tissue-Engineered Meniscus” describes the use of mechanical stimulation to enhance the organization of tissue-engineered meniscus implants. The ultimate goal of this work is to use 3D tissue fabrication technology
combined with bioreactor culture to produce implants used to replace meniscus tissue for patients with severe knee injuries. The cover image shows meniscus cells that have generated a highly aligned matrix composed of large fiber bundles, similar to healthy meniscus.

The first author, Dr. Jenny Puetzer, received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell in 2014 working with Prof. Larry Bonassar. Dr. Puetzer is currently a Whitaker Foundation Scholar in the laboratory of Prof. Molly Stevens at Imperial College, London. See cover image below:


Alexander Jacob Boys