Dr. Grunert Takes First Place in Basic Science at MINS

Dr. Peter Grunert, research fellow of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Hospital, won 1st place in the Basic Science for his presentation at the Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Society meeting (http://weillcornellbrainandspine.org/in-the-news/dr-grunert-takes-first-place-basic-science-mins). Drs. Grunert and his supervisor, Dr. Roger Hartl, Chief of Spinal Surgery, work with members of the Bonassar lab to develop biomaterials-based approaches to healing defects in intervertebral discs that occur during herniation. Members of the Bonassar lab developed collagen gels that can be injected into these defects and photocrosslinked in vivo. Dr. Grunert reported that these injectable gels seal defects in the IVD and prevent further degeneration. Co-authors on this paper include Brandon Borde, Katie Hudson, and Prof. Bonassar. Congratulations to Dr. Grunert and his colleagues!

Alexander Jacob Boys