Mary Clare McCorry Publishes an Article in Acta Biomaterialia

Mary Clare McCorry publishes an article in the journal of Acta Biomaterialia.

A Model System for Developing Tissue Engineered Meniscal Enthesis

Tissue engineered menisci hold great promise as a treatment alternative however lack a means of integrated fixation to the underlying bone needed. The mechanical stability of the meniscus depends on its connection to the underlying bone by a fibrocartilage to bone transition zone called the meniscal enthesis. In this study we developed a simplified and high throughput enthesis model to test experimental parameters. Our results show that injection molding collagen into tubing loaded with decellularized bone plugs resulted in a scaffold with three regions: bone, bone-collagen, and collagen. This technique can be used to mimic the native enthesis morphology and serves as ideal test platform to generate a model tissue engineered enthesis.

Alexander Jacob Boys