Nicole Diamantides Publishes a Paper in Biofabrication

Nicole Diamantides published a paper in Biofabrication entitled, Correlating rheological properties and printability of collagen bioinks: the effects of riboflavin photocrosslinking and pH.

Collagen has shown promise as a bioink for extrusion-based bioprinting, but further development of new collagen bioink formulations is necessary to improve their printability. The goal of this work was to determine the effects of riboflavin photocrosslinking and pH on collagen bioink rheology before, during, and after gelation and directly correlate these findings to the printability of each bioink formulation.  We found that riboflavin photocrosslinking and pH levels above physiologic resulted in improved collagen bioink printability and that printability was most strongly correlated with rheological properties of the bioink during extrusion.  These findings will allow for the more rapid screening of new collagen bioink formulations.

Alexander Jacob Boys