Nicole Diamantides Wins Poster Award at Biofabrication Meeting

Nicole Diamantides, a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, recently won a poster award at the meeting of the International Society of Biofabrication in Wurzburg, Germany.  The Young Investigators Poster Award for Innovations in Bioink Development was sponsored by 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The poster, titled “Improving the Printability of Collagen Bioinks by Controlling Surface Hydrophobicity,” focused on developing new chemistry for printing surfaces to enable more accurate printing of engineered tissues. In her work, Nicole demonstrated that hydrophobic coatings improved printing accuracy by more than 50%. This research contributes to efforts to develop printed tissue implants for treatment of arthritis, meniscus injury, and degenerative disc disease.


Congratulations to Nicole on winning this prestigious award!

Steven Ayala