Louis Wang Wins Award for Best Poster from MSE Department

Louis Wang, an undergraduate researcher in the Bonassar Lab, won the award for best poster among the honor thesis projects in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  His poster, titled “Improving the Printability of Collagen Bioinks by Controlling Surface Hydrophobicity” describes his investigation of the role of surface hydrophobicity on the deposition of collagen bio-inks for 3D tissue printing.  He showed that hydrophobic coatings can increase the printability of collagen bioinks by up to 50%, and that some critical combination of viscosity and hydrophobicity is necessary to create accurate prints.


Louis is will be earning his BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell at Commencement on May 26.  After graduation he will be enrolling in the PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Congratulations, Louis Wang!

Steven Ayala