Marianne Lintz

B.S. in Biological Engineering,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015





Marianne is a fourth year Ph.D. student working on continuing the scaling-up of fabrication of intervertebral discs. She is currently investigating in vivo models for whole-IVD construct repair.



  • M Lintz, A Muñoz, CA Reinhart-King. “The mechanics of single cell collective migration of tumor cells” Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 139(2), 2017.

Posters and Presentations

  • M Lintz, JP Miller, ZE Goldblatt, A Rahman, CA Reinhart-King. “The role of extracellular stiffness in metastatic cell invasion” 2016 AACR Special Conference on Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology, 2016, Poster.

Honors and Awards

  • Cornell University Colman Fellowship


Marianne grew up in Weston, Florida before moving to Boston for her undergraduate studies. She enjoys drawing and reading in her free time.