Leigh Slyker Publishes Article in PNAS

Leigh Slyker’s article “Simple synthesis of soft, tough, and cytocompatible biohybrid composites” was recently accepted by the journal PNAS. This manuscript demonstrates the development of stiff and tough biohybrid composites by combining collagen with a zwitterionic hydrogel through simple mixing. This advance enables a wide range of applications, in which a combination of strong mechanical properties, great cytocompatibility, and good native tissue integration is required simultaneously, including regenerative tissue engineering such as synthetic cartilage.

Leigh Slyker is a 5th year PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering who joined the Bonassar Lab in 2018.  Leigh earned his BS degree from the University of Buffalo and is currently a National Institute of Health Research Fellow.  Congratulations to Leigh on your paper!

Link to article below:


Steven Ayala